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The Prostate Formula Review: Is it effective?

by on July 14, 2016


The Prostate Formula Summary

Solution of prostate problems

The Prostate Formula is a supplement made to promote the health of your prostate, particularly as you age. The blend is created with all natural components so that it does not cause you the horrible side effects that prescription medications do.  The makers claim that their combination was specifically formulated to treat common symptoms of assorted prostate conditions such as benign prostate hyperplasia, prostatitis, and/or prostatic cancer. Some include urine dribbling, frequent nightly urination, and agonizing urination.Most of the prescription medicines available to address prostate enlargement can cause an intense drop in your libido and your sexual performance may suffer greatly. This has numerous guys turning to nature for support.

The Prostate Formula Ingredients and Functions

The Prostate Formula -  IngredientsStinging Nettle is an ancient medicinal root that is also called Utica Dioica in the science world. It offers functions similar to the common BPH prescriptions, but without the undue effect of erectile dysfunction.Saw Palmetto provides properties which can avert the development of prostate cancer associated with steroidal hormones and can also work to shrink its size. It is an often found additive in male health supplements and ancient cultures saw its health benefits centuries ago. Lycopene is an influential anti-oxidant originating from tomatoes that reduces and prevents the destruction of oxidative stress. It has shown the ability to prevent the cancerous developments, especially of the prostate.Zinc suppresses tumorigenesis in prostate tissue and battles oxidative stress. This element has the power to induce carcinoma cell suicide and inhibit cancer metastasis.Selenium deficiencies put you at a much greater risk of prostate enlargement. Research has shown that this property can decrease cancer mortality by half.

The manufacture advises you to take 2 to 3 tablets with your meals. It further states that it can take two months before you see its effects as it has to build in the blood stream.

The Prostate Formula Pros and Cons

The Prostate Formula Pros

The components within this formula have scientific individually.

There is a wide range of sites that offer this prostate supplement.

You can find numerous uplifting testimonials for review.

The Prostate Formula Cons

There are no clinical trials on the end product for your consideration.

You will find a number of dissatisfied posts among the consumer feedback.

There is no guarantee.

It seems to be rather expensive.

Order Spot

You will find a wide range of places to order The Prostate Formula including Amazon, Walgreens, and supplement sites like Puritan. It is about $35 for a single 270 count bottle. One bottle will last you for 30 days.


There is a large amount of praise for this supplement and each ingredient has been scientifically tried. There are also poor reviews and no published research studies for the post market product. Real Health advises consumers that it could require up to two months to achieve the full results. One bottle is for a single month and they offer no money back guarantee. This seems like an extremely unwise purchase decision.

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