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Prostaprin Review: Is it effective?

by on July 19, 2016


Prostaprin Summary

Prostaprin is a dietary supplement formulated to promote the health of your Prostate problemprostate, especially while you age. The formula is manufactured with vitamins, minerals, and other natural elements to prevent urinary tract issues as well as soothe prostate enlargement. A large percentage of the prescription formulas created to treat enlargement of the prostate will often cause a considerable waning in your libido and your sexual performance generally suffers.   This supplement company claims that this is effective in treating common symptoms of various prostate disorders. A few of the more annoying include distressing urine dribbling, ache during urination, and infections that often accompany the inability to void the bladder.

Prostaprin Ingredients and Functions

Prostaprin - Ingredients

Vitamin D supplementation can be effective in preventing and treating cancer due to its anti-carcinogenic actions.Beta-Sitosterol is thought to relieve symptoms from benign prostatic hyperplasia and prevent many forms of cancer, especially that of the prostate gland. This sitosterol is often included in formulas manufactured to support male reproductive health as well.Saw Palmetto promotes prostate function and supports the health of all organs within the urinary tract system. It also inhibits the DHT production thought to cause prostate enlargement.Africanum Pygeum shrinks prostate swelling and counteracts effects of prostaglandins. It is also said to support urinary tract health and improve urinary output.Green Tea extract has the ability to induce cancer cell apoptosis, or self-destruction, and soothe an inflamed prostate gland.Cranberries have been used by physicians to support urinary tract health and treat infections associated with it for decades.Lycopene is obtained from the fruit of tomato vines and used to decrease the proliferation function of cancer cells.The package states that 1 gel-caps each morning and 1 each night is a daily dose.

Prostaprin Pros and Cons

Prostaprin Pros

Scientific research shows these ingredients can support and promote prostate health.

Prostaprin is a completely natural solution for prostate protection.

There is a discount for purchasing multiple bottles of Prostaprin.

Prostate 5LX Cons

There have been no clinical trials conducted on the end formula in Prostaprin.

It is one of the more expensive prostate support supplements on the current market.

It is extremely difficult to find a website to purchase this product.

It is also difficult to find the official company website.

There are many bad reviews calling Prostaprin a scam.

There is no way to discover the concentrations or precise forms of each ingredient.

Order Spot

There are websites that claim a single bottle is around $40 and 3 may be purchased for $80. There are no links from these sites to a virtual order form for Prostaprin.


There are countless poor reviews for Prostaprin as well as the manufacturer. Most review site say that this is a rip-off, money making scam. It is rather difficult to find a purchase website or even the company website. None of the review sites offer links to any type of order form. It goes without say that this is a poor purchase decision; however, this point is probably moot considering there seems to be no place to buy it.

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