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Prosta-Max Review: Is it a scam?

by on July 30, 2016







Prosta-Max Analysis


Prosta-Max is prostate promoting supplement made to boost urinary tract system facilitation as well. The manufacture, Country Life, states their formula is kosher, vegan friendly, and gluten free. It has been a member of the supplement industry for well over 30 years.

This manufacturer claims the components that make their blend is taken out of nature and hand-picked especially for any man who to foster their prostate. Prosta-Max is to relieve the frustrating symptoms that afflict BPH patients. The effects are less frequent trips to pee during the night, urine dribbling elimination, and the enhanced capability to empty the bladder completely.

If true, this natural solution is beneficial for aging and young men. The prostate never stops growing during a man’s lifetime, but not many men think about it until they are in their 50s. This is generally when the symptoms start to appear. Men of all ages must care for themselves proactively.

Prosta-Max Components and Functions


Urtica Dioica, or Stinging Nettle, diminishes swelling of the prostate gland. This lifts the pressure that the urethra is under and permits urine to flow more freely. Researchers have shown evidence that Stinging Nettle stops tumor growth in prostate tissue and incapacitates mutant cell migration.

Pygeum Africanum is a specific kind of sterol that provides the entire body with health advantages. Botanical sterols have demonstrated the capacity to cut back tumor growth rate by disabling proliferation of malignant cells.

Derivatives of the berries of Saw palmetto monitor and balance healthy hormone levels to reduce the possibilities of cancer cell survival. They activate functions that promote free urine flow and reverse prostate swelling.

Copper is essential the body and its facilitation of many imperative functions. It diminishes the possibilities of developing tumors and several recent trials demonstrated more importance of this mineral. The cells of malignant growths have a high rate of copper uptake. That copper can provide fuel for certain prescription medications for malignant cell destruction.

Prosta-Max Upsides and Downsides

Prosta-Max Upsides

Natural botanicals were used to create this formula.

There is a high level of praise for Prosta-Max.

This supplement is not at all expensive.

All of the properties were proven effective in scientific laboratories.

Prosta-Max Downsides

Prosta-Max has not had any human trials performed on it.

There is no information about the exact concentrations of each compound.

Prosta-Max is not wholly compliant with Prop 65 and California state law.

Country Life does not appear to provide refunds to unhappy consumers.

Purchase Location

Many supplement websites offer a bottle of 200 Prosta-Max capsules for only around $30. It may also be obtained from the official manufacture’s website as well as amazon.com. A single bottle is more than a 3-month supply.

Final Vote

Country Life offers Prosta-Max for a very low price, but there is no information concerning any type of guarantee or refund. All of the compounds in the formula offer prostate health support; however, there is not any data about the concentrations of each. The completed formula has seen no form of testing either. It still seems like this solution could promote the health of the prostate for a low cost.

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