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Product Review of SlimFast Shake

by on September 27, 2016

What is SlimFast Shake?

Manufactured by the SlimFast company, SlimFast Shake is a meal replacement product that promotes weight loss by reducing your caloric consumption. It is developed to allow you to control your appetite while still being supplied with nutrients critical for your body’s health and overall wellness.

As stated by its manufacturer, this product which, basically is also protein blend, is capable of keeping you full and satisfied for up to four hours, which is amazing. You can use SlimFast Shake as a substitute to your one or two regular meals. This should be enough to promote good health while also reducing your caloric intake. This is what the company behind this product wants us to understand.

To be able to fully comprehend what SlimFast Shake is really all about, we have here come up with a review to help you decide.

The Company behind SlimFast Shake

As mentioned earlier, SlimFast Shake is manufactured by SlimFast. This company mostly produces weight-loss products in the forms of shakes, snacks, bars, packed meals, and other supplements for dieting. These are all being dispensed and sold in the US and UK. Obviously, the products that SlimFast create are for supporting weight loss.

It was in 1997 that SlimFast started in business, though at first it was under the product line of Thompson Medical Company. Three years later and it was ultimately bought by Unilever. SlimFast Shake’s effectiveness was substantiated in 2003 in a study published by the North American Association. According to this study, those people who underwent a weight loss regimen with the help of SlimFast diet for a decade were thirty pounds lighter than those people who did not.

Furthermore, it is being asserted that continuous use of SlimFast Shake in the long-term can make you shed 1-2 lbs per week.

The Ingredients in SlimFast Shake’s Formula

SlimFast Shake is mostly composed of proteins and fiber. Additionally there are 24 kinds of vitaSlimFast Shake Ingredientsmins and minerals, too. All in all it contains 190 calories worth of the aforementioned nutrients. This meal replacement shake has 3 flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

On the other hand, the total content of carbohydrates is 24 grams. Proteins make up 10 grams and fiber 5 grams. Then there are vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, but vitamin C is prevalent. There are minerals in the mix, too, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and Manganese.

Of course there’s also the Chromium, which helps curb out your hunger. It wouldn’t be a weight loss supplement if there’s nothing in it that can repress one’s appetite. And because it contains 18 grams of sugar, SlimFast Shake also tastes good.

SlimFast Shake and How It Functions

It functions like a real meal replacement product. It reduces the caloric consumption to pave the way for weight loss. It is known that consuming high calories trigger weight gain, so it is important to do the opposite if you really want to shed lots of pounds. Though this is tough to accomplish, products like SlimFast Shake make it actually easier. With this supplement, you can attain your weight loss goal without working that hard. What you need to do is replace 1-2 of your daily meals with SlimFast Shake.

The Strengths of SlimFast Shake

Its efficacy in the reduction of caloric consumption

Its efficacy in providing the body proteins for the muscles

The presence of fiber and chromium, which curbs out appetite

The Weaknesses of SlimFast Shake

Its poor taste, according to some users

Not as much as fiber content when in contrast to other meal replacement shakes

Expected Side Effects

There are no known side effects that relates to the use of SlimFast Shake. Besides, we have to keep in mind that SlimFast Shake is only a meal replacement shake, not a medication. So, there’s nothing in it, really, aside from nutrients that we get from food.

Visibility of Results

SlimFast claims that their product enables one to lose 1-2 pounds per week if used regularly and continuously. This claim has already been supported by the North American Association years before, proving that SlimFast Shake can promote weight loss in a healthy manner, especially if used for long periods of time.

Is the Price Reasonable Enough?

Fortunately, yes, the pricing is fair. At Amazon, you can purchase 20 bottles of SlimFast Shake for $39.07. At Walmart, you can acquire 8 bottles for $9.98. Basically the price depends on the store. Weight Loss  Shake

Are there Free Samples?

No, SlimFast Shake does not provide any free samples. Still, you may get discounts depending on the store where you want to buy it from. You may even take advantage of gift cards and coupons to get huge discounts.

Consumer Feedbacks about SlimFast Shake

SlimFast Shake is pretty well-known in the online platform, particularly on Amazon.com. In the said website, there are more than 600 reviews from customers sharing their experiences. Over 300 gave SlimFast Shake a 5-star rating, 155 gave it a 4-star, while around 78 gave it only 1-star. Most of the reviews are great, testifying SlimFast Shake’s efficiency in weight loss, but the poor reviews are mostly about the product’s bad taste.

Final Thoughts on SlimFast Shake

SlimFast Shake’s taste may not be for everyone to appreciate, but when it comes to guaranteed effectiveness, this product does not fail. What’s greater about it is that is has been supported by a study, which makes it more credible. Furthermore, SlimFast Shake’s cost is fair and reasonable. So, getting a regular supply won’t be a huge problem for you or your bank account.

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