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Product Review of Life Extension Mix

by on September 20, 2016


Introduction of Life Extension Mix

This multivitamin functions to bring overall health by ensuring that the cells in the body live fuller and longer. The cells living longer means that your body’s health is secured. Generally, this means that no cells in the body are troubled, so their lives are prolonged and the body does not need to produce more cells. As this healthy process goes on, vital functions in the body improve thanks to improved metabolism, immunity, and muscle exhaustion recovery.

Life Extension Mix in Action

By giving the cells in your body the nutrition it needs and deserves, they become healthier and perform their functions extraordinarily. The entire functionalities of every organ becomes synchronized and more efficient. For instance, the red blood cells in the blood will be given hemoglobin. This is important for the delivery of oxygen throughout the body. Afterwards, the plasma in the blood efficiently transports waste to the kidneys and out of the system, clearing your body from toxic. This is one example of a process in the body that performs flawlessly with healthy cells.

Formula IngredientsIngredients of Life Extension Mix

Life Extension Mix is branded by its manufacturer as safe for consumption because of its natural ingredients. These are green tea extracts, raspberry ketones, and citrus extracts. With the combination of the said components, vitamins A, B, C, and K, plus minerals are delivered.

When to Expect Results?

Results with Life Extension Mix has no certainty in terms of ‘when’. It has been even said that it may take you forever to see the outcome and that the consolation is that you’ll still be there to see it because Life Extension Mix can prolong your life. Nonetheless, because it claims on keeping you healthy to live longer, visibility of results may depend on how often or how seldom you visit your doctor for a check-up. It’s working if you’re healthy most of the time. If you get sick often, then it doesn’t work.

Good Points

Formulation is composed of natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs

It’s not dangerous because of the aforementioned natural components

It’s a health booster and purifier at the same time

It’s more likely to succeed as the components are known for bringing positive effects in the body

Bad Points

The company behind Life Extension Mix is claiming their product is a viable alternative for a nutritious diet consisting of food when it’s not because the body can only perform more with nutrition from real food. This is something that no capsules can ever replace.

Though the ingredients are natural, there are too many that there’s a possible interaction when these components are consumed all at once. This could lead to the manifestation of side effects.

There are comparable products available in the industry that are as effectual as Life Extension Mix

Safe Usage

Life Extension Mix is not for kids. It’s actually not recommended for those under 18 years old. The only time an underage is allowed to take Life Extension Mix is when there’s medical supervision. This is not ideal for later stages of pregnancy, though it can be taken before and after giving birth. Furthermore, if you’re already on other medications, don’t take this product.

Reports of Side EffectsHeart Burns

There are no cases of side effects that relate to Life Extension Mix use. Each capsule actually contains several ingredients from nutritious food, such as vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The only possible dilemma here is the interaction of the various components, which could turn into side effects that include bloating, heart burns, nausea, and hyperacidity.

Studies & Research

Life Extension Mix has been clinically tested. In the research, it has been found that this product can improve your overall health by 15% with the continuous use of Life Extension Mix in five months. General idea of the research was to see if the ingredients in Life Extension Mix really work. This was done by separating the ingredients and testing them against control subjects. Control subjects appeared to have just maintained their current states, while those who took Life Extension Mix were shown to have stronger immunity, reduced toxic levels in the blood, and greater nutrition preservation.

Suggested Intake & Price

Dosage for Life Extension Mix is 14 tables every day. If that’s too many for you, then you can take seven in a total of two supplement sessions. For obvious reasons, this is something that users find challenging. For 315 tablets in a pack, Life Extension Mix’s price is $60. This multivitamin is kind of expensive though.


In terms of its effectiveness, customers who are pleased with Life Extension Mix are prevalent. The only issues are the huge amounts of dosage and the cost. These two are important factors when customers are deciding whether to buy a product or not.


The aforementioned negative sides of Life Extension Mix cannot be ignored. If you chose to, you would have to be extra patient.

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