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Premium Green Coffee Bean – Will this supplement provide the best results?

by on August 8, 2016

Everyone wants a safe product that is effective – especially when it comes to holistic remedies. The only problem is in choosing when there are so many different brands available – but we are here to help! Our reviews will guide you on which formula is to work best for you and help you to achieve your health goals. You will find all the necessary reassurance when it comes to discussing natural ingredients and their uses.

Product descriptionPremium Green Coffee Bean - Formula

Premium Green Coffee Bean is a supplement which claims to use 50% chlorogenic acid that will help start the fat burning process and allow you to lose unwanted weight.

By comparing the beans which are used to make a morning coffee you can see that green coffee beans are unroasted and said to contain high levels of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is said to possibly inhibit glucose-6-phosphatase and this is an enzyme which promotes formation of sugar within the liver. As well, it even slows down the absorption of fat within foods that you eat. When this becomes reduced the dietary supplement which this product states to be says that it contains 50% chlorogenic acid for every one-capsule dose and this will help you to lose weight. This remedy is supposedly manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified lab and uses only 100% pure and natural without the use of fillers or additives. There is no risk of potentially harmful side effects.

FormulaFat burning bean

The ingredients within this supplement consist of the following: Green Coffee Bean Extract, GCA (less than 5% caffeine) (50% chlorogenic acids). Other components include: Vegetable Cellulose. No fillers or artificial ingredients are used within this combination. Despite there being a small amount of caffeine involved in the making of this product it still does not make it 100% stimulant free and so it would be suggested that persons who are sensitive to stimulants should find an alternative supplement.


The price of this product s $24.99 and will get you around a two month supply being that your receive 60 capsules that you must take one of per day. It does not matter if you take this product on an empty stomach for not.

To conclude

It is best to note that when taking any form of supplement that you will gain the best effects through maintaining healthy lifestyle as well as making sure to regularly exercise. Because there is no evidence that the elements within this product do, in fact, help you to achieve weight loss it would be more reassuring to find something that has actually been clinically tested. Flat Belly has the scientific results that prove it is the best and most advanced formula of its kind available today and has an amazing knock off price of $19.95 as opposed to its usual price of $79.95 – saving you an amazing $60! The combination of natural herbs like Mangosteen and Psyllium Husk helps to suppress the appetite in a safe and effective manner.

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