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Organic Prostate Tea Review: Is it Effective?

by on July 25, 2016


Organic Prostate Tea SummaryProstate health

Traditional Medicinals claims that their Prostate Tea is made only of 100% organic ingredients and it is intended to support the aging prostate. It does carry the CCOF seal of approval which means that it is certified organic. It contains no caffeine and its most abundant ingredient is Stinging Nettle which is a well-known component in supplements to support men’s health. This company was founded in 1974 indicating that it has more than four decades of experience in the medicinal tea market. Traditional Medicinals states that their blend of organic botanicals offers men powerful health benefits for their prostate health in the form of a tea. They also say it is blended with interesting plants to provide a spicy roasted flavor.


Organic Prostate Tea Ingredients and FunctionsOrganic Prostate Tea Ingredients

Stinging Nettle is probably added to more than 50% of prostate supplements on the market. It promotes lower urinary tract health while reducing prostate enlargement. Patients say that it also reduces the intensity of painful urination.

Roasted Dandelion root made headlines fairly recently as it was found to destroy cancer cells that seemed to be immune to chemotherapy. Properties in dandelion root increases urinary flow and produces anti-inflammatory actions.

Cardamom seed is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine and modern scientists say that it contains a powerful antioxidant called cineole. It soothes the bladder as well as the kidneys and is often recommended for those with gall or kidney stones.

Roasted Breadnut, sometimes referred to as Breadfruit, is not a true nut and is akin to the fig. They are rich in vitamin A and C as well as amino acids. The nut contains a histidine which is said to relieve pain, boost sexual desire, and acts as a vasodilator.

Traditional Medicinals recommends drinking one cup three times each day.

Organic Prostate Tea Pros and Cons

Organic Prostate Tea Pros

Each box of 16 tea bags is relatively inexpensive.

Customers are offered free delivery for those who order more than $45 from the Traditional Medicinals website.

This company has over four decades of herbal tea blending experience.

This tea is certified organic by the state of California.

Organic Prostate Tea Cons

It is rather difficult to find any customer reviews on the web.

Consumers would need to buy six boxes each month for a 30-day supply.

Committing to the recommended dosage is expensive.

There are only four ingredients and no added vitamins or minerals.

Shop Spot

Consumers can purchase a box of 16 tea bags from the Traditional Medicinals website as well as numerous other vitamin shop and supplements sites across the web. A single box is around $5 and most sites offer discounts for multi-purchases. Consumers will need to purchase 6 boxes for around $30 to have a month’s supply.


Traditional Medicinals has been blending herbal teas for more than 40 years and all of these ingredients have been scientifically validated. On the other hand, consumer reviews are lacking and it would be expensive to commit to the recommended dosage. In light of this and the fact that there are no added vitamins for health support, this is deemed an unwise purchase.

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