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Nitro Genix 365 Review

by on September 8, 2016

The basics

Nitro Genix 365 is a natural muscle building supplement GUARANTEED to increase both STAMINA and EXTREME MUSCLE GROWTH.

Nitro Genix 365 is the best muscle building supplement we’ve yet to encounter in the entire industry. It’s an understatement to say we’ve never tested another product before as guaranteed to produce quick results as Nitro Genix 365. Your average run of the mill muscle building supplement is one-dimensional. It’s designed to only target one problem area associated with gaining a substantial amount of muscle definition. Nitro Genix 360 breaks away from the pack by containing a unique all-in-formula designed to combat every component of gaining and defining your muscles.

Have you ever wondered if you could quickly transform the definition and muscle gain in your body? If a supplement could substantially improve your muscle definition in a few short weeks?

Nitro Genix 365 is the product that you need to be researching and order! Don’t wait!

It turns out that incredible muscle supplements do work if backed by solid scientific principles and high quality ingredients. It’s just that nobody had ever taken the time before to create a great formula designed to help people achieve their fitness goals instead of buying a cheap filler scam.

How does muscle building work?

It’s important to have a good understanding of how muscle building works before beginning to determine if a supplement is going to produce good results. Your body repairs damaged muscle fibers using a cellular process that fuses muscle fibers back together to form new larger muscle protein strands called myofibrils. The myofibrils have increased thickness and volume when repaired which is called muscle hypertrophy growth. Muscle growth can only occur if the rate of muscle protein synthesis is higher than the rate of muscle protein breakdown.

Pile of extra soft wheat flour

Pile of extra soft wheat flour

Numerous components must work together in your body to facilitate  protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Step One:

Your muscles need to experience an exercise-induced micro-tear or injury to the tissues

Step Two:

Organically formed growth hormones produced by your body must be present to achieve results from your exercise regime.

Step Three:

High intake of protein and other amino acids. Protein is the basic building block of all the muscle tissues in your body. Protein is made from amino acids. Your body naturally synthesizes a few amino acids yet the rest must be digested through your diet.

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How does Nitro Genix 360 work?

Nitro Genix 365 is a natural supplement that was formulated to address every component of  . building and defining muscle growth. The manufacturer claims that their special formula works by combining a meticulously researched perfect ratio of high quality ingredients. It was the goal of our test group to figure out if their claims were true or just a scam disguised under a bunch of good sounding marketing.

nitrogenix-365-review-how-does-it-workThe ingredients in Nitro Genix 365:

A-AKG is a compound made up of several crucial amino acids that are formed and used by your body during workouts or other activities capable of generating energy. Your body uses Amino acids to produce Nitric Oxide which is the compound that acts as a vasodilator and increases blood flow. Increased production of Nitric Oxide and blood flow quickens the travel of nutrients and recovery of your muscles.

OKG is the molecule that regulates the creation of insulin and other important growth hormones. The regulation and production of hormones control the energy level in your body and the amount of energy in your body free to fuel workout caused strain and muscle growth.

A-KIK is an amino acid enzyme used by your body to produce Nitric Oxide. Your body needs Nitric Oxide to carry oxygen to the blood vessels. Increased oxygen and blood flow are the important agents that fuel, energize and repair your muscles.

GKG is a molecule needed by your body during protein synthesis for blocking the reduction of free muscle glutamine concentration. High levels of blocked free muscle glutamine are often the culprit when people can’t gain muscle despite working out on a regular basis.

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How does Nitro Genix 365 measure up against the three fundamental steps of muscle building?

Step One Analysis :

Nitro Genix 365 is unable to cause strain and injury to your muscles without you first exercising. The formula does contain ingredients though which increase energy levels and stamina that help to dramatically increase the continued success of a regular exercise regime.

Step Two Analysis:

Nitro Genix 365 contains OKG which helps to both produce and regulate growth hormones needed by your body to successfully gain muscle.

Step Three Analysis:

Nitro Genix 365 contains two amino acid facilitating enzymes: A-KIK and A-AKG. Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle protein synthesis and responsible for muscle growth.

The science of Nitro Genix 365 holds up

Nitro Genix 365 provides all of the major components for supporting a significant increase in muscle definition and growth. The ingredients in Nitro Genix 365 contains all the nutrients needed to support hormone growth, increase amino acid production and block the reduction of free muscle glutamine concentration. Nitro Genix 365 provides your body with the right fuel needed to keep pace with the strain caused by your muscles during exercise and repair for rapid muscle gain.

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What results should I expect from taking Nitro Genix 365?

nitrogenix-365-review-what-results-should-you-expectWe found that the average test group participant started to notice an increase in stamina and overall energy levels during the first week. It took between 7 – 12 days for everyone in the test group to experience a measurable increase in muscle size and definition. The average gain at the end of the 3-month test group was 5 inches for men and 3 inches for women in muscle size and definition. Women were more likely though to experience a higher level of muscle definition  and reduction in overall body fat such as cellulite. The number one reported advantage to taking Nitro Genix 365 besides muscle gain was increased stamina and overall energy throughout the entire day. 100% of test group participants reported being completely satisfied with Nitro Genix 365 and 96.7% of test group participants reported Nitro Genix 365 as exceeding their expectations for substantially increasing muscle growth.

How should you take Nitro Genix 365?

nitrogenix-365-review-how-should-you-take-itThe recommended daily dose of Nitro Genix 365 is one capsule a day. We found that is was best to take the capsule either in the morning or in the afternoon. It is also best to take Nitro Genix 365 at around the same time every day. We also found that Nitro Genix 365 produced the most extreme results if taken on an empty stomach. Our research found that the nutrients in Nitro Genix 365 have a greater impact and absorb into the bloodstream faster if not competing with the other food you eat, while being digested. One capsule every day on an empty stomach is a guaranteed method for dramatically increasing the speed and volume of your muscle growth.

Where can you buy Nitro Genix 365?

Nitro Genix 365 is available right here at www.nitrogenix365.com. The manufacturer offers several great deals for purchasing this product in bulk. We’d always recommend just making the investment and ordering a 3-6 month supply. It‘s the most economical way to add a supplement product into your health and workout budget.

Would we recommend Nitro Genix 365?

nitrogenix-365-review-boxWe’d definitely recommend Nitro Genix 365 to anyone wanting to try a high-quality muscle building supplement with proven results. Nitro Genix 365 is an outstanding all-in-one formula that contains ingredients to combat every step of the muscle building process. All of the ingredients in Nitro Genix 360 work together to provide the maximum support possible for achieving the maximum muscle growth possible from your workouts. The majority of muscle building supplements available today are formulated to address one aspect of muscle growth and force the consumer to buy multiple products. Nitro genix 365 really stands out for being a high-quality all-in-one product that is actually more economical because you only need to buy one supplement instead of three to achieve the same gains in muscle growth.

If you’re looking for a safe, tested, high-quality muscle building supplement with proven  results, we’d recommend starting to take Nitro Genix 365.

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