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by on September 9, 2016


Lipogenix Elite is one of the best selling fat burners sold in the entire supplement industry. Why? That’s what we wanted to find out so we decided to test this product and find some answers. We knew scientifically speaking that natural herbs do potentially contain elements for increasing overall health and weight loss. But we had no idea that a natural fat burning supplement could actually transform your approach to weight loss, building muscle and life, UNTIL we tested LIPOGENIX ELITE!

What makes this product so incredible?

lipogenix-elite-boxWe found that Lipogenix Elite produced significant weight loss in 100% of our study participants. Lipogenix Elite doesn’t just contain a few ingredients combined with fillers or some variation of an untested pharmaceutical weight loss drug. Lipogenix Elite contains only 100% natural ingredients! Our team was blown away during the laboratory testing component of our review on Lipogenix Elite. We couldn’t even remember the last time we tested a formula and found it actually contained 100% natural ingredients that 100% aligned with everything on the label. Each of the 8 natural ingredients in Lipogenix Elite have been individually tested and proven to encourage weight loss, reduced appetite, muscle building, and increased energy The manufacturer created an outstanding perfect ratio of these 8 ingredients that work together to promote the most dramatic advancement in fat burning supplements, we’ve ever encountered in our 20 plus years of testing.

What exactly are these 8 natural ingredients?


lipogenix-elite-ingredients-caffeineCaffeine is a widely used stimulant available in everyday products ranging from coffee to tea to soda pop and chocolate. In fact, a Hershey’s dark chocolate bar contains almost the same amount of caffeine as a bottle of coke. The major difference between the two products is that cocoa beans, like coffee and herbal teas, naturally contain caffeine vs artificially adding it to their product. Lipogenix Elite contains a potent herbal tea extract that organically boosts your metabolism, mental focus and burns body fat.


lipogenix-elite-ingredients-glucuronolactoneGlucuronolactone is a naturally formed compound that is a major structural component of nearly all connective tissues in the human body. This ingredient works to decrease the toxic byproducts correlated to exercise and fat burning while increasing energy levels. Glucuronolactone also improves focus, stamina, and overall performance.

Phenylethylamine HCL

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-phenylethylamine-hclPhenylethylamine HCL is an organic compound supplement used in your body to increase cognitive function, weight loss, and concentration. It’s more commonly known by the slang term “love drug” as its identical to the hormone released by the brain when you’re deeply in love, lust or just plain infatuated. Phenylethylamine HCL is an important ingredient in this formula that leads to increased focus and motivation during workouts.

Synephrine Caprylate

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-synephrine-caprylateSynephrine Caprylate is a naturally occurring compound in the Alkaloid family classification of  basic nitrogen atoms. Various everyday plants and foods contain low amounts of Synephrine Caprylate such as oranges and other citric fruits. Synephrine Caprylate increases the burning of fat cells and calories by increasing your body’s metabolic rate and breaking down fat cells through lipolysis.

Nettle Leaf

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-nettle-root-extractNettle Leaf has been used for thousands and thousands of years in traditional herbal alternative medicine. This potent herb is a proven appetite suppressant and powerful weight loss aid.

Yohimbe Extract

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-yohimbe-extractYohimbe Extract is compound classified as an indole alkaloid that is derived from the bark of the Pausinystalia Yohimbe tree. This ingredient serves to dilate the blood vessels in order to improve blood flow and circulation. The increase in blood flow from taking Yohimbe Extract also works to increase your metabolism. Yohimbe Bark is an extremely powerful weight loss tool if used in combination with thermogenic ingredients to dramatically enhance your metabolism.


lipogenix-elite-ingredients-picamilonPicamilon is a niacin containing compound shown to be effective for suppressing appetite and facilitating fat burning. It contains organic properties that influence blood flow and nicotinic acid synthesis. Picamilon increased your metabolism by increasing the dilation of blood vessels or the vasodilators in your body.

Inositol Niacinate

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-inositol-niacinateInositol Niacinate is a vasodilator and lipid-lowering compound that expedite and fuel the fat-burning properties in your body. Inositol Niacinate prevents fat cells from sticking to muscle walls and instead be quickly burned which in turn increases energy levels.

How do the results from taking Lipogenix Elite compare to other natural fat burners?

Lipogenix Elite is different from all of the other products available in this industry. The formula for Lipogenix Elite contains a methodical ratio of 8 high quality 100%  natural ingredients and  no fillers or adhesives.

lipogenix-elite-what-makes-it-incredibleStephen G Newmaster is a biology professor and botanical director at the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario at the University of Guelph. He conducted and published a study in the BMC Journal of Medicine that built and expanded on over 30 previous studies investigating the use of filler and low-quality ingredients in the supplement industry. Dr. Newmaster elevated the clarity of the previous studies by doing DNA testing on all of the ingredients in each of the 44 leading natural supplement products.

Dr. Newmaster shed shocking light on the rare value of high-quality natural in the supplement industry

One-third of the products tested was found guilty of outright substitution in their formula! Out-right substitution means there were no traces of the ingredients advertised on the bottle and instead contained substitute ingredients not disclosed on the label. The majority of the products were found to contain cheap fillers such as rice, wheat and soybean extract. There were even a few products where the only natural ingredient found in the formula was a rice filler! Filler products are not just a scam that will take your money and produce no results. Filler products are potentially dangerous and life threatening to people with allergies who unknowingly consume these hidden ingredients.

A supplement has to be clinically tested to contain 100% natural ingredients and disclose the presence of any fillers to be an effective product.

Lipogenix Elite has currently undergone over seven different independent laboratory and clinical testings. Every previous test has unanimously concluded that Lipogenix Elite only contains 100% natural ingredients that 100% aligned with the ingredients listed and disclosed by the manufacturer. Lipogenix Elite stands apart from the other fat burning supplements available on the market by being 100% transparent and honest about their incredible formula!

Lipogenix Elite is one of the only products to be clinically tested to contain ONLY 100% natural ingredients with NO fillers or adhesives!

How should you take Lipogenix Elite?

We found the best results from taking Lipogenix Elite were reported by people taking two capsules a day. It’s advised that you take one in the morning and then one again in the evening before you head to bed. This allows for the nutrients in Lipogenic Elite to be utilized throughout your body 24/7 and produce substantial weight loss and muscle definition. You should also take Lipogenix elite on an empty stomach in order for the nutrients to be digested quickly without interference from other food in your stomach. Follow these suggested guidelines shown to harness and increase the power of Lipogenix Elite to experience quick weight loss!

Where is Lipogenix Elite sold?

Lipogenix Elite is still sold online by the original manufacturer. It is highly recommended to only buy natural supplements directly from the manufacturer to avoid the risk of buying a fraudulent scam knockoff product. The manufacturer will also likely offer the best deal or a bulk discount for people seeking the most economical method for adding a fat burner to their weight loss or exercise program


lipogenix-elite-conclusionLipogenix Elite is a beacon of light in a stormy industry obscured by ineffective filler ingredients. If you are looking for a high-quality product that has been clinically proven to increase weight loss, mental focus, muscle definition, and energy levels while reducing appetite, Lipogenix Elite is the safest option available today.

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