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Lean 650 by Generation X – Can the supplement be trusted to bring results?

by on August 13, 2016

Although it may seem cool to ignore warning when it comes to supplements, you are, in fact, putting yourself at a high risk that could be avoided. It is strongly advised that you research a product before consumption as to ensure that you eliminate the chances of taking something that could wind up being pretty harmful.

Our reviews offer you friendly and accurate information that shows you the difference between legitimate products and those that are illegal.  Based on the results of clinical trials, it is safe to say that the facts are accurate and helpful in finding a genuine remedy that will be beneficial for you.

Product purposeCardiovascular problems

Proudly warning people that this supplement is potentially dangerous to health, Lean 650 is a banned formula in the United States of America- although some people choose to ignore this believing that the product must be as effective as it is dangerous. They think that if it is potent in enough, then it should work better than anything else.

A controversial substance that is said to trigger weight loss but could be dangerous is the product’s primary fat burning ingredient, DMAA. It has been linked to the infliction of cardiovascular problems.

The manufacturer claims that this supplement is similar to any other thermogenic fat burner as it contains Caffeine Anhydrous. This substance boosts energy and suppresses the appetite.

Ingredients usedIngredients of Lean 650 by Generation X

Classed as a dangerous substance, it should be noted that DMAA is not supposed to be safe and legal. When combined with other stimulants such as Caffeine, the risk factor is optimised.

Those who are not already tolerant to supplements and are quite sensitive, might experience side effects other people would not endure. We recommend to ask a doctor’s advice to determine personal risks and more so when involving any products that might contain DMAA and Caffeine. A worst case scenario would be side effects like palpitations and hypertension or worse.

The following is a list of elements in this formula: Caffeine Anhydrous, Betaine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine, Methyl Synephrine and 1, 3 Dimethylamine (DMAA).


Discontinued by retailers it is impossible to provide you with information with regards to prices or to the daily recommended allowance.


The fact that this is a banned product is enough to say it is wiser to get something that is 100% safe and legal to purchase and consume. When combined, DMAA and caffeine are extremely dangerous.

GarciniaX is by far the best alternative that you can find on the market of today as it has been clinically tested to be the most advanced formula that uses potent herbs and all natural ingredients including the likes of Potassium and Calcium.

For just $19.95 this product can be yours and last you a whole month! This price has been deducted from its original of $79.95 which saves you a fantastic $60! Not only that, but short and long term advantages can be noticed both straight away and for longer.

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