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Is BikiniBOD Right For You?

by on September 21, 2016



Here are what users are saying about the new all-natural weight loss supplement BikiniBOD:

“I love Bikini Bod. These supplements with proper diet and working out maximize results and keeps weight off. My energy level is amazing and sometimes I have to drag myself from the gym when I use to have to drag myself there”BikiniBOD Ingredienst

“A fat burner w/Biotin? Someone should have came up with this sooner. Awesome stuff. I feel I’m peeing more than usual though is the only downer. Can’t find on Amazon can you please let me know so I can buy on my Prime acnt. “

“Like the other reviewer I feel I’m “going” a little more but it feels like my system being flushed out. I’m not a big believer of tracking weight as I could care less – most important thing is fit and figure. Love the name & bottle!”

“I have been taking Bikinibod for almost a month, and I have shed a little over 15 pounds of stubborn fat! When I take it- I’m not hungry, I eat a lot less AND it gives me energy…. And to top it off- my nails and hair are growing a lot quicker! This product is like a miracle supplement, I am so happy to have found this!”

Granted, these reviews are from the company’s website, but they are very mixed so they do not seem fake though some reviewers may have been sent the product to try for free by the company. Sometimes mixed reviews are a good sign.

Out of almost over 200 reviews on the product’s website the reviews total to 4.5 stars / 5 stars. That is pretty impressive for such a new product.

About the Weight Loss SupplementBitter Orange

The brand BikiniBOD was founded by a group of women who wanted something different from a line of products. They wanted to create a supplement that would not only help women lose weight but also make them more radiant and beautiful from their hair down to their nails.

That is why they came together and created this unique line of 100% vegan and all-natural products to cater to this hole in the market. Most times weight loss pills are designed by men for women. Men do not understand the struggles that women go through when losing weight and the way that fat deposits differently on women

This is what the BikiniBOD Pill claims it can do for women:

The pill is designed to melt away excess fat while simultaneously preventing new fat from forming on the body. Instead the pill works to renew the metabolism to make it capable of using all of the excess calories you eat for energy rather than storing it around your hips and thighs. It additionally strengthens nails, makes hair shinier, and skin clearer. It also works to satisfy all of your cravings for the salt, sugar, and fat you have been addicted to. It helps you break those bad eating habits while you follow the 28-day diet plan that comes with the pills to improve your habits and move towards a healthier lifestyle that you can sustain long after the pill bottle is empty.

What can BikiniBOD Actually do?

BikiniBOD is an all-natural and vegan supplement that has a lot of ingredients like green tea and caffeine and raspberry ketone that are known and clinically proven fat fighters. While BikiniBOD doesn’t have the hardest hitting evidence to support its claims and we would all like to see more literature and a more detailed ingredient list. It is worth a try despite its very pricey tag.

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