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Hantian Health Vigoraflo Dietary Supplement Review: Is it a scam?

by on October 15, 2016


Hantian Health Vigoraflo Dietary Supplement Analysis

Hantian Health states that everyone of the ingredients in Vigoraflo were expressly selected to amplify testosterone manufacture. Numerous male health problems can be solved through this mechanism alone.

Elevated testoid levels incite sex drive; magnify stamina; and intensify the libido. It will increase vigor; restore vitality; and improved is position. Clinical data is listed below to compare against the company’s claims.

Hantian Health Vigoraflo Dietary Supplement Components and FunctionsHantian Health Vigoraflo Dietary Supplement Components

Orchic powder is obtained from young bull testicles and has been an extremely popular addition in male health supplements for quite some time. Some of these are for magnifying gains received from intense training to amplifying sexual desire. Orchic has been said to boost testosterone serum levels which strengthens stamina, increases endurance, and fosters the libido.

Central and South American cultures have implemented sarsaparilla root as medicine for centuries to decrease sexual dysfunction and enhance the libido. The phytosterols it offers function as hormones which is seen as a boost in testosterone. These functions incite sexual desire and stimulate the libido.

Dioscorea villosa, also known as wild yam root, was shown to be useful for the treatment of a variety of testosterone associated Epimediumdisorders in men. It has been integrated in traditional medicine for thousands of years to foster the reproductive system in both guys and ladies. Dioscorea villosa is also said to be valuable for amplifying energy levels, enhancing the libido, and intensifying stamina.

Barrenwort, sometimes called Epimedium, has been scientifically documented as a vasodilator which is incorporated into numerous types of men’s health supplements. It is verified to foster circulation and amp up the libido. Barrenwort is also scientifically recognized to intensify performance.

Tongkat Ali, referred to as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack by some, can be found in hundreds of products designed to enhance sexual function. It is also common to body building supplements. It improves sperm by increasing its potency and boosts testosterone to correct low T.

Boron Citrate monitors the presence of steroidal hormones. It reduces free estrogen serum and boosts free testosterone levels. Boron improves the ability to utilize vitamin D; enhances muscle function; and reduces bad cholesterol.

Hantian Health Vigoraflo Dietary Supplement Directions

The manufacturer advises consumers to take two tablets daily.

Hantian Health Vigoraflo Dietary Supplement Upsides and Downsides

Hantian Health Vigoraflo Dietary Supplement Upsides

Clinical studies have been conducted on the individual ingredients in this formula.

A free trial of this supplement is offered by the distributor.

A 30-day refund policy is provided by the company.

Hantian Health Vigoraflo Dietary Supplement Downsides

No clinical trials have been completed on the end product.

A return approval code must be obtained for returns.

The company provides no telephone number or address.

Only unopened containers are honored on refunds from this manufacturer.

This formula is very pricy.

Hantian Health Vigoraflo Dietary Supplement Purchase Location

Consumers can visit the manufacturer’s webpage to purchase a 30-day supply of this product for $80. They will pay $.99 for the 14-day trial; $115 for the 90-day supply; and $185 for the 150-day supply.

Hantian Health Vigoraflo Dietary Supplement Final Vote

This is an unadvisable supplement purchase. The manufacturer’s website gives no physical contact info.

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