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FOCUSPower® – Is it the best supplement?

by on July 14, 2016

Health is important to all of us and if we can stay in shape while avoiding pharmaceuticals then that is what we do!There are a variety of different supplements that are available to help combat many different aspects of possible deficiencies and so finding the right one to do the job that you require can become time consuming as well as difficult. Trying to get your head around all the ingredients and their effects is not easy . . .Things are always better when there is someone there to help, but what’s more is when someone completely does all the hard work for you! There is no need to conduct hours of research when you can simply read through our reviews which compare products so that you do not have to!

What is the product?FOCUSPower® - Brain enhancement supplement

Organix Labs is a USA based manufacturer of supplements that are designed to support your immune system, promote health and vitality as well as increasing energy levels in the body. Specifically, FOCUSPower®  is a brain enhancement that will improve cognitive functions without the infliction of nasty side effects as it uses only organic and all-natural substances. The areas that are said to advantage the most are memory, focus, concentration and learning abilities.This product will help you gain mental clarity and a great sense of well-being. It promises that it  will give you better brain power but not inflict extreme nervousness symptoms like other products of the same nature.Improving concentration for longer hours, this supplement is  especially beneficial to students and workers.

Formula and ingredientsFOCUSPower® - Formula

There are several components that make up this particular brain enhancement, here you can see the full list: Vinpocetine, neuro-optimizer antioxidants, Ginkgo Biloba, Phosphatidylserine Complex, Hypericin, Acetyl L-carnitine compounds, L-Glutamine, DMAE Bitartrate and Bacopa Monnieri extracts.As a product that contains only organic and all-naturalingredients there is no need to worry about the risk of experiencing any side effects as a result of consumption. There is research that back up the evidence that some of these substances will have a good effect on the cognitive functions.Oxygen and nutrients are carried by the increased blood flow supported by Vinpocetine which nourishes the brain.Ginkgo Biloba extract is a botanical substance which is absorbed to enhance cerebral performances and improve aspects such as memory and concentration.Learning abilities are improved by Phosphatidylserine Complex.Emotional health is promoted by the substance Hypericin.Stimulating mental alertness and removing ammonia from the brain is the compound L-Glutamine.Antioxidant properties within Bacopa Monnieri extracts gently cleanse.Energy production and the promotion of metabolic functions within the body is supported by the compounds Acetyl L-carnitine which are types of amino acids.


For sixty capsules (which you must take one of per day and therefore is the equivalent of almost a two month supply), you can purchase this product via Amazon for $26.97. There is a money back guarantee but no option of a free trial.


This particular brain enhancement is actually fairly decent and the price is not too bad. However, the number one leading brand of today’s holistic market for this type of supplement is Optimal Omega and Brain Gain and each bottle only costs $19.95!

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