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Estee Lauder Verite LightLotion Cleanser – A Gentle Option For Daily Cleansing

by on September 13, 2016

Daily cleansers can be overly harsh on the skin and end up doing more damage than good. They can cause dryness, pimples, irritation, and redness, or just plain feel uncomfortable. This is why it is important to look for the right cleanser for your needs. Estee Lauder Verite the skin
LightLotion Cleanser is just one of these products on the market, so let’s see how it can help you. . .


Estee Lauder Verite LightLotion Cleanser– What does it do?


Estee Lauder Verite LightLotion Cleanser is a cleansing ointment for the face. It is meant to bind on to the dirt that clogs pores as well as the excess layers of oil on the face. After binding, it pulls these toxins off of the skin when removed from the face. Estee Lauder touts this as a gentle product, meant to be good for many skin types. It can also be used as a very effective and healthy make-up remover. They recommend daily usage of the product as well.


Estee Lauder Verite LightLotion Cleanser – What is in it?estee-lauder-verite-light-lotion-cleanser-ingredients-capric-triglyceride


Estee Lauder Verite LightLotion Cleanser uses several natural active ingredients. The first is Caprylic Triglyceride, also known as natural acids from coconut oil. This is the primary agent of the product’s effectiveness, as it helps remove dirt from the pores. Other natural ingredients include moisturizers and anti-aging components. These are things like chamomile or olive fruit. Even the powerful known antioxidant green tea is an essential part of this product.


Estee Lauder Verite LightLotion Cleanser – What are the benefits?


There are a few main benefits of this product:estee-lauder-verite-light-lotion-cleanser-positives

  • It is gentle and easy to apply
  • It can rid the face of various contaminants
  • It uses natural ingredients
  • It is safe to use for all types of skin
  • It can, and should be, applied daily
  • It is from a trusted, longstanding company
  • It is formulated to clean and balance the skin
  • Lacks harsh cleansing agents present in other products

Estee Lauder Verite LightLotion Cleanser – What are the drawbacks?


One of the biggest concerns with this product is the fact that Estee Lauder is on record as supporting animal trials with its products. This means that Estee Lauder cannot be considered a company that is humane.


This product also has been known to cause outbreaks to those who suffer from acne. This product is not advertised as suitable for acne sufferers, but it should be restated that it should not be used by those with this particular ailment.


Estee Lauder Verite LightLotion Cleanser – Concluding Thoughts


If you have sensitive skin and need a powerful cleanser to remove grime and makeup on a daily basis, Estee Lauder Verite LightLotion Cleanser is an efficient product. It will keep your skin’s natural health in tact without stripping vital aspects away. It is affordable for a designer product, and proven to be effective. One simply cannot go wrong with this daily cleanser.

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