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Cogitate Brain Enhancer Review: Is it a scam?

by on August 9, 2016


Cogitate Brain Enhancer AnalysisBrain strength

Cogitate Brain Enhancer is a self-proclaimed brain health boosting supplement. Cognition starts to weakening as people age. This is commonly due to dietary deficiencies that can be circumvented. Cogitate Brain Enhancer declares that those crucial constituents are fused into this formula to stimulate neurological aptitude and brain strength. The producer also proclaims that this supplement is a proactive measure for fending off neurological ailment development of various categories of age connected dementia like Alzheimer’s disease. Neurological abilities which suffer from debilitating conditions include learning; mood; retention; and information processes. Individuals who have not yet been diagnosed with these grave disorders should take advantage of steps to promote brain health with these essential nutrients.

Cogitate Brain Enhancer Components and FunctionsCogitate Brain Enhancer Components

Phosphatidylserine effectively manages all of your neural cell functions; boost your cognitive capacity; and improves your recall.

The synthetic form of periwinkle, Vinpocetine, promotes your cerebral circulation and enhances your information processing.

The property of Chinese club moss known as Huperzine A repairs damage to your recall centers and can facilitate the learning process of your brain.

Alpha Lipoic Acid battles free radical damage as well as revitalizes the brain; protects it against aging declination; and manages neural cell energy levels.

The soluble amino acid Acetyl-L-Tyrosine supports communication amongst neural cells. It is a mood elevator which increases pleasure receptors through synthesizing dopamine. It provides energy to invigorate the body and brain.

Niacin, also referred to as vitamin B3, is responsible for the production of energy that cells utilize and acts to protect mitochondria. Many professionals suggest their patients take niacin, if they suffer from dizzy spells, experience migraine headaches, or have poor circulation.

Cogitate Brain Enhancer Directions

The creators of Cogitate Brain Enhance state patrons should swallow the correct dosage prior bedtime to avoid troubles falling asleep. They say that users need to discuss the proper dosage with a medical practitioner.

Cogitate Brain Enhancer Upsides and Downsides

Cogitate Brain Enhancer Upsides

Each of the properties in Cogitate Brain Enhancer has been verified by clinical research.

Cogitate Brain Enhancer Downsides

Cogitate Brain Enhancer is not a gluten-free formula.

The official manufacturer’s webpage seldom loads properly.

No type of triad or study has been completed for the post market product.

Commitment to this supplement could easily drain the bank account.

No form of return policy exists for the supplement.

Cogitate Brain Enhancer Purchase Location

The Cogitate website probably sells this supplement; however, the website seldom loads correctly. It cannot be found on Amazon or most any other supplement websites. Amazon.com has also not reviewed it to provide consumers with the details concerning the supplement’s distributor. A supply for a single month appears to be approximately $100, but consumers are provided no money back guarantee.

Cogitate Brain Enhancer Final Vote

This is a foolish purchase decision for neurological health support. The website is not available. No other website carries it. The expense is outrageous, especially since there is no form of refund place.

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