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Is Cleanse Colon 100 Effective?

by on September 28, 2016


Looking to purifying and cleanse your entire body through a colon cleanse? While it may seem like an archaic concept from back in the 80s and 90s, a colon cleanse is a tried and true way to unblock and make that colon clean once again so it can have optimally functioning eliminating that can swiftly remove toxins from the entire body while allowing for premium nutrient absorption.

Some signs that you may be needing a colon cleanse:Cleanse Colon 100 Ingredients

  1. You are over tired and sluggish
  2. You are not having daily regular bowel movements
  3. You are craving unhealthy food all the time despite being full
  4. You feel heavy and bloated
  5. You are about to start a new clean diet

Who Makes the Cleanse Colon 100?

The makers are a company called GreenFit Health, LCC. They are an Arizona based company that seems to be completely elusive and mysterious. Always a good sign while purchasing, right? When you can’t find out any information about the manufactures. We also can’t find a single, even fake review about this product. It seems like these pills don’t even exist as far as we are concerned. The Limited Liability Company has done just that, minimized their responsibility to their customers completely.

What are they promising?

They promise customers weight loss results, more energy, an improved metabolism and more. It is easy to jump and hit purchase when you see so many exciting promises. They have designed the website to make it looks like a good product, as anyone trying to sell anything online would do. Don’t buy into the hype though there are lot of ways to clean your colon without this product and taking the risk that you may just lose up to $80 with their scam.Colon cleanser

How the Colon Cleaning Scam Works?

How is that possible? How can they just reach into my bank account and take $80. First the company has you give them your precious credit card or debit card information for them to hold onto while you just pay them $5 for an entire bottle of the product. So at first you are excited you feel as though you may have gotten a free sample of sorts. You start pooping more maybe, feeling a little better. Then after about 2 ½ weeks they automatically take $77 from your account and will not give it back under any circumstances.

Customers are legally unable to take the company to court as an individual scorned or in a class action lawsuit do to the protection they have set up for themselves through arbitration.

The Bottom Line….

Do not play into this scam and don’t order the free trial unless you are for some reason willing to pay them $80 for a mystery colon cleanse.

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