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Cerefolin NAC® – Is this the right product for you?

by on July 22, 2016

Spending time looking for the right brand of supplement to help you the aspect of your health that you are trying to improve can become tedious, especially if you are not certain what it is you are searching for! There being so many different ingredients and formulas to choose from does not make it easy to accomplish the mission. You might find something and be so fed up with trying to compare that you simply just buy it for the sake of it and hope that this product works .But now you can cut out the difficult part and let us do it for you. We make reviews with all you need to know surrounding herbal remedies and their uses. It has never been as easy as this!

PurposeOxidative stress

Known to battle the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and cognitive impairments is a brain enhancement named CerefolinNAC®. Studies have shown that the advantages of this product include overcoming memory loss, low energy levels, thinking problems and the lack of a sense of well being. Increasing hormones that are responsible the best functioning of the memory means that anyone who sufferers from regular memory loss will benefit from this supplement. It activates the blood to brain barrier. If you do not have these hormones the membrane becomes weak and allows impure blood through to this vital organ which has a significant impact to memory and other cognitive functions. Stimulating the brain’s neurotransmitter synthesis by providing vitamin B12, Folate and N-acetylcysteine, these substances lower the level of homocysteine in the blood and reduce oxidative stress in the body.One thing is that you must be prescribed this medication by a doctor as there are several other factors that need to be taken into place.

What is the formula?Cerefolin NAC® - Ingredients

This product consists of the following ingredients: L-methylfolate 5.6mg, N-acetylcysteine 600 mg, Methylcobalamin 2mg, Microcrystalline cellulose, Opadry (Hypromellose), Magnesium Stearate, Polyethylene Glycol, Talc, Titanium Dioxide and Saccharin Sodium.

You cannot buy this supplement over the counter despite it being known as a medical dietary supplement within the United States.

Check with your medical practitioner is you suffer with any of the following issues:

1.    Other types of medical conditions

2.    Allergies to substances or foods

3.    Have liver problems, a history of stomach ulcers, kidney stones or anemia

4.    Under the influence of other dietary supplements, herbs or nonprescription medications

It is also best to note that this product may not work if you are experiencing digestive difficulties.Side effects such as severe allergic reactions, skin numbness, breathing problems, mouth swelling or chest problems may occur when consuming this product.


The price of this product should never be higher than $58. You are required to take no more than one capsule per day.

To conclude

You can obtain the leading brands and avoid nasty side effects or high costs with Brain Gain and Optimal Omega at just $19.95 each.

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