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Is Airborne Everyday Safe To Take?

by on August 31, 2016


We’ve all heard of Airborne before, maybe even taken one of their fun fizzy little tablets and drank em when we thought a cold was coming on. Many swear by Airborne any time they have symptoms coming on. IF you are already a devote Airborne user you may want to know if their Airborne Everyday multivitamin is safe to take. Is it just as effective as fighting off illness as just plain old Airborne we know and love? We are about to find out….

What Are The Key Ingredients Inside Airborne Everyday Plus Immunity?Boost immune system

Vitamin C: antioxidants that work to fight free radicals and support cellular health.

Vitamin E: naturally-occurring antioxidant that stops harmful free radicals in their tracks.

Vitamin A: packed with phyto-nutrients this vitamin supports vision and works as an antioxidant to promote immunity and protect DNA

Zinc: an essential nutrient that works as a trigger for over 200 different enzymes and supports the number and function of several different immune cells.

Herbal Immunity SupportPros of Airborne Everyday

Ginger: A root used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to warm the body and stimulate the immune system and improve circulation to get nutrient dense oxygenated blood to the organs

Echinacea: an herb that is a notorious immune booster, it works to helps the body fight off infection and disease

Airborne Everyday claims it gives users that extra added boost of get up and go that we all crave. It is great for children ages 12+, men, and women. It claims to be perfect for the whole family as long as you take a dose that is good for your age and weight. It comes in chewable for children not ready to swallow pills or adults who plain just don’t like it. It has an added herbal complex to protect and stimulate the immune system on a daily basis, instead of just when it is already too late and you are showing symptoms. If you feel you are not getting everything you need from your diet and are always getting sick, this may be the multivitamin for you.

Users Said:

“Since I’ve been taking these (one month), I haven’t gotten sick, so I think that has to count for something.”

“These vitamins are different than your typical vitamins. The chewables are super sweet, unlike other vitamins I’ve had. Some will find that to be a very positive quality and others negative. At least they go down pretty easy!”

“I usually love chewable vitamins, because they are like a guilt-free candy treat. And I do love sweet things. However, these go absolutely overboard on the sweetness. I can barely choke them down, and when I do.”

“I like this product for immunity support plus vitamins. Took it for nearly a year, though and found that my tongue was getting sensitive to the large amount of vitamin c. I have a sensitive tongue anyway, so I figured I would stop taking for a while. Will resume for flu season use.”

“I use a couple times a day, I am a teacher and this is a must have item!”

Should you take Airborne Everyday?

Most users loved the product and it got mostly 4 star averaged reviews. People have depended on Airborne for years to get them through the winter time, cold season, flu season, and more. If your immune system is impaired for any reason this could be a great addition to your supplement regimen instead of just taking a normal multivitamin.

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