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A Review of Zyatonix

by on September 29, 2016


Introducing Zyatonix

There’s another weight loss supplement in the market by the name of Zyatonix. It was actually first marketed as Zyatrim. This additional option in the weight loss market is available for purchase directly from its website or online stores that includes Amazon. This product promises to promote weight loss by destroying excess and unwanted fats permanently. Through this, you don’t need to engage in dieting and exercising to lose weight because Zyatonix can already support and enact weight loss by itself. As mentioned, it claims to create permanent results.

Zyatonix – Active Ingredients68b

This weight loss product is composed of Caciarigidula, methylsynephrine, phenylethylamine, Cassia nomame, theobromine, yohimbine, and ECGC. A number of these ingredients are not unfamiliar in the world of weight loss as these are commonly used in other supplements.  Say for instance theobromine. This component is typically used because it is considered to be efficient in burning of fats. Then there’s the ECGC, a green tea extract which is believed be an excellent source of antioxidants.

Getting to Know Zyatonix Further68c

Zyatonix is being flaunted as special and different in contrast with other weight loss products in terms of its approach of delivering weight loss. Basically, it is said that Zyatonix aims to ruin useless fat cells and eliminating them for good. Also, its official product description states that the outcome will be visible immediately if taken properly as per instructions. Zyatonix does not only promote weight loss, it is also being claimed to boost thermogenesis, enhance lipolysis, and make the accumulation of fats lesser. Interested customers can have a bottle of Zyatonix for $60 with a money-back guarantee. This way, you can have a refund if you’re not satisfied with the results. Furthermore, customers seem to be segregated when it comes to the product’s success of promoting weight loss. Some say it helped them lose weight while others say it didn’t do anything at all. Also, the assertions on this weight loss supplement are not substantiated by clinical research as of this moment.

The Positive Sides of Zyatonix

There’s a list of formula ingredients.

It can b acquired online.

You can ask for a refund.

The Negative Sides of Zyatonix

The absence of clinical research and trials makes its effectiveness in question.

The user reviews are mixed and varied. Some say it works while some others state that there were no improvements observed based on their experiences.

Summing It All Up

Overall, this weight loss supplement does not seem to be the ultimate product. One concern is its high cost, which will be hard to maintain. The other issue is its lack or the absence of clinical trials to hold up its claims. Sure, there is a money-back guarantee, but with the varied reviews from customers, even a refund cannot help in making Zyatonix appealing to consumers, much more make consumers even think about trying it.

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