What Women Wish You Learned in Sex Ed - Menslifeadvice

What Women Wish You Learned in Sex Ed

by adminon May 4, 2016
Most of us have experienced that awkward hour and a half of watching your gym teacher put a condom on a banana. Sex Ed is mostly focused on consent, STD prevention and birth control methods. All very important things to know. What we were never taught was HOW to actually have sex and more importantly […]

Biomanix Review

by adminon April 15, 2016
THE REAL DEAL in PENIS ENLARGEMENT If you’ve read any of our blogs and product reviews, you must know that we’re very much vocal with the products that we like. Men’s Life Advice, after all, is about men giving men advice. We want you to enjoy sex, relationships, and products to its fullest, and that’s […]
Rexavar versus Formula 41 Extreme Supplement Comparison

Rexavar versus Formula 41 Extreme Supplement Comparison

by adminon April 16, 2016
Which supplement should you buy? Preface Rexavar is a widely-distributed male enhancement supplement that has made its way to the world’s biggest online marketplace, It’s one of the more recognizable brands in the very diverse market of male enhancement supplements. Very few supplements ever get the exposure that Rexavar has, which makes it a […]


5 Tips for Hot Morning Sex

by adminon May 4, 2016
Morning sex is the best kind of sex. Nothing like waking up to a warm naked body next to you and getting hot and heavy before breakfast. There’s no better way to start the day. Here’s how to have to have morning sex that’s hotter than the sun. Get her comfortable Women can feel a […]

The 3 Reasons Why She’s Flaking on You

by adminon May 4, 2016
Dealing with a flake can be infuriating. You pulled out all your most clever lines, she seemed to be engaged when you first met, but she keeps avoiding the first date. It’s always some random excuse or no reply at all. You keep trying to get something lined up. How can someone be THAT busy? […]
How to Flirt When You're a Shy Guy - Menslifeadvice

How to Flirt When You’re a Shy Guy

by adminon May 4, 2016
There’s nothing wrong with being shy. People who are shy tend to be better listeners and more intelligent than their rowdy counterparts. It’s good to be a little “mysterious”, but being too quiet can take a toll on your social life. Here’s how to get the girl while keeping your shy guy vibe flowing. Stop […]

How To Get Her To Chase You - Menslifeadvice

How To Get Her To Chase You

by adminon May 4, 2016
It’s usually the men who like to pursue and the women who like to be chased. It must have to do with some ancient DNA that still hasn’t evolved since the tribal days. You could look at it from a biological stand point and consider the male sperm versus the female egg. The female has […]

3 Muscle Building Supplements that are Ultra Strong 

by adminon June 1, 2015
Listen up, guys: lifting weights without any help will get you nowhere. Sure, you’ll see some progress with just eating protein and the right foods, but you’ll eventually hit a road block that won’t let you progress any further. And if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably hit that road block and are looking for […]
Getting in more high protein food

Getting in more high protein food

by adminon March 26, 2015
The busy lives most men lead often make it difficult for them to stay in shape. But building muscles and getting your ideal body depend largely on your consumption of good protein. It’s been said that you are what you eat and it’s true. Not putting any thought into what you eat can hinder your […]

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